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Aqualink AS was founded in 2020 and has since established a robust knowledge base in the aquaculture industry, achieved through close collaboration with our customers and suppliers. The founder brings a long history of innovation to the sector, providing a strong foundation for the company from its inception.

The focus has consistently been on addressing the fundamental needs within the industry, with an ongoing emphasis on safety and innovation. This commitment has led to several exciting projects:

  • The introduction of an innovative anchor system as early as 2006, prior to the establishment of Aqualink as a company. This anchoring system has been widely adopted both nationally and internationally.

  • Various mooring solutions, the latest of which has received financial support from the Research Council of Norway.

  • The development of a scalable weight for net pens in 2018, designed to minimize wear and risk.

  • The launch of a groundbreaking series of tube thimbles made of polyurethane in 2022. This series effectively addresses the long-standing challenge of rust and corrosion.

Aqualink continues to work tirelessly to meet and solve the challenges facing the aquaculture industry. We strive for innovation to bring about positive changes in the sector.

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